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KKoi has been not only  an inspiration to all who meet him but also an outstanding ambassador for the breed.  From the moment he stepped foot on the farm he commanded all eyes on him.  And when you went to him he has always been the kindest,  gentlest soul.  

"Pam Dors offers thoughtful, caring equine boarding that blends thorough knowledge of horse-keeping with an intuitive understanding of the unique nature of each animal. Pam's rigorous background in the animal sciences is apparent in her deep knowledge of equine nutrition and is expressed in the provision of the best available grain and hay. The pastures are beautifully managed with rotation, ensuring that your horse can be on grass as much as possible and minimizing exposure to parasites. Pam's wisdom regarding the meaning of horse behaviors is an additional valuable resource that she generously shares. She is endlessly patient with questions about care, training, and health. Her vigilance regarding the welfare of every animal under her care means that horse owners can feel secure that a pair of experienced eyes is on watch 24 hours a day."
- Martha M. Faraday, Ph.D.

KKoi on 2009 calenderKKoi on 2010 CalenderIn late summer 2007 Lesley Harrison was coming to the East Coast to visit an art gallery that had her work.  She had heard about KKoi from a friend and requested to photograph him for reference material.  She was very clear that she had 18 months of commissioned work ahead of her and I shouldn't expect to see anything for quite a while.  She said she probably wouldn't even look at the pictures until she returned to California.  Apparently she couldn't sleep the night of the photo shoot, all she did was think about KKoi and a pose I put him in for her to photograph.  She spent the night looking through all 5,000 photographs and was mesmerized by what she saw.  As it came to pass, she didn't sleep much in the coming months.  She said KKoi haunted her dreams, she just had to paint him.  And she has, over and over again.  The first painting came out and was sold at auction very quickly.  She made it into a limited edition giclee and has sold those as well. 

Then it became a calendar.  Blue Halter # 1 was inserted into "The Spirit of Horses, Paintings by Lesley Harrison 2009" for the month of April with this quote attached:

"I was privileged to meet this Arabian stallion when in Virginia last summer.  His owner, Pam, was so accommodating about letting me photograph him for reference material.  He is the main breeding stallion for their small band of mares, has set records in the show ring, and even came back from fracturing his right rear coffin bone in two places.  Their relationship is wonderful to behold...and he's beautiful besides!" 

- Lesley Harrison, world-renowned artist

2010 came quickly as did a call from a friend in Texas.  Screaming over the phone was, " KKoi is in Texas on another calendar!"  The calendar arrived in my hand and sure enough Lesley did it again.   Blue Halter # 3 was inserted into "The Spirit of Horses, Paintings by Lesley Harrison 2010" for the month of May with this quote:   

"The gal that owns this stallion is getting such a charge out of the fact that I keep painting her Arabian stallion in this blue halter.  I just love the combination of colors, texture and light." 
- Lesley Harrison, world-renowned artist

Equine Iridology Book Cover"...what attracted me to this painting was Lesley's interpretation of the eye of this stallion.  It shows his strength, his wisdom and his heart.  There could be no other horse to represent equine iridology as well.  Equine Iridology is a very new science in the horse world and I am quite sure that without Lesley's painting, and your stallion, we wouldn't have moved so fast.  When people see the cover of the book they 'have to' open it and then curiosity sets in to read it.  We have equine iridology centers all over the world.  These centers are run by certified technicians who are DVM's, holistic healers, breeders and backyard horse owners.  We have a huge research teams and just now opening classes and centers in Africa.  All these people have and teach from this book.  This became possible because of Lesley, John and your stallion!!"
- Mercedes Colburn ND, PHD

"My favorite place to walk at a show with Pam is 100 feet behind her when she is riding KKoi.  The bustle of people tapping each other, stopping to look, point, stare and take pictures is amazing." 
- Barbara Schirmacher, mom of rider in Pam's barn.

"It’s been two years (three winters) since my horse, Moe, has been a resident of Evergreen Farm. I’ve owned him since 2001 (he was eight years old) and never knew his past history. The only thing I knew was that he could never get along with other horses which I was told he would “attack” (I had personally never witnessed this). Pam was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and work him into the herd as a field boarder. Today, Moe is a happy, healthy ex racetrack horse that hangs out with other geldings, mares and yearlings and has never “attacked” another animal (except chase a goat here and there). In the 30+ years I have been around barns, horses and horse people, this has been the best experience for me as a horse owner to have a knowledgeable and honest barn owner/manager and such a relaxed, peaceful environment for both horses and riders!"
- Bonnie Ludwig, Evergreen Boarder

Pam on KKoi at show"Riding at Evergreen Farm has been such a great experience because I have been able to ride so many different horses. Due to the fact that I do not have my own horse, Pam always has a horse available for me to exercise and this helps me to grow as a rider and adds versatility to my training. I also enjoy coming to Evergreen Farm due to the fact that Pam is welcoming and accommodating. She is extremely knowledgeable about horses, and she and her family provide a warmth and hospitality that I have never quite felt anywhere else.  I enjoy coming to the barn, and the concern that Pam shows for the horses and her boarders is genuine and refreshing."
- Meg Cameron - Evergreen Rider

"KKoi is really a great guy-we've enjoyed his stay!  Good luck in 2010." 
- Susie Schramm, Matilda Bay Farm



Legion of Honor Presentation ©starkimageAwards:
KKoi , in 2007, as an eight year old, was the youngest producing sport horse sire of Top Ten winners.   To date he still holds this record.  While he has had considerable time off from the show ring to recuperate from his coffin bone fracture, his get have gone on to make a lasting impression on his behalf.

In 2008 EF KKlassique Beauty++ became a member of a very elite club.  She earned her Legion of Honor "+" AND her Legion of Merit"++" at the same time.  Not only did she earn the titles at the same time but she did it in grand fashion.  She was still a junior horse!  While the average age of recipients of this award is 8.5 Beauty did it in nearly half the time.  She was shown on a very limited basis.  Only 14 shows in 4 years.  With an average of 4 shows per year.  At each of those shows she averaged only TWO classes per show.  This filly has a work ethic like no other.  This filly has the determination to win as much as I do.  She has countless class A wins, 11 regional titles and 1 national title.  This filly is what Arabian ownership is all about.

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