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KKoi at All the Kings Horses Store Pam and Rick perform most of the services that the farm provides with the exception of Training and Instruction. They leave that to the professionals that they have handpicked, who have the same approach to horse care as they do and who work exceptionally well with the horses and the clients.

Evergreen Farm offers a variety of training services through its vast network of trainers. We can help you with most disciplines from Dressage to Hunters to pleasure and getting your non-competing horse's manners up to par. We are not breed specific although we are very horse specific. We no longer accept problem horses; we like horses that have already had kind handling from the start. Additionally, we offer horse show training (bathing, clipping, hauling, braiding).
Evergreen Farm has the knowledge and capability to transport your horse either locally or long distance.  Our custom made trailer is designed to function as either a 4-Horse slant load, 2 boxes or any combination thereof.  Because of the limitless combinations our trailer offers we can haul many different types of horses for a variety of reasons.  Transport for AI of mares with foals at their side, transport to shows, transport of stallions for collections or show, mares with foals to inspections, etc.

Pam and Rick Dors offer their expertise in a variety of consultation services:

  • Farm Development
  • Real Estate purchase
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Stallion Management
  • Farm Management

Evergreen Events:
Evergreen Farm has been offering a Dressage Show Series since 2005.  We had the opportunity to take over a show series that was being abandoned so we jumped in with both feet, hired a secretary and a manager and learned with precise attention the ins and outs of running a dressage show.  We hire carded judges only and try to scan the bigger shows to see who is being hired and when. This way we can plan one of our shows immediately preceding with the same judge so you can “practice” your tests.  In 2009 we began to incorporate Prix Caprilli classes to encourage the local hunter riders in our area to try dressage.  We offer USDF tests as well as US Eventing tests. 

In July 2011 we added AIRFOOT footing to both the indoor and outdoor arenas. AIRFOOT is ground up athletic shoes, when this granular mixture is added to existing footing, it reduces concussion rates and adds cushion (or ”cush”) and spring to horses steps. It also prevents packing and traps moisture and dust. The top riders, in all disciplines, use this footing, and it is highly recommended.

“The rubber itself provides a degree of cushion, but the real value comes from Bridging which is the result of AIRFOOT particles creating millions of tiny air pockets in your footing. As your horse travels over these bridges, the air is forced out, and they gently collapse." – AIRFOOT  website

AHA Discovery Farm and Mentor:
Evergreen Farm is proud to be an Arabian Horse Association  Arabian Discovery Farm as well as a member of the Mentor Network.   The Discovery Farm Program is a  unique program that offers you the opportunity to explore Arabian horses up close and personal. During your farm visit you will experience a relaxed, no-pressure, non-sales atmosphere. You'll learn all about the breed and their characteristics, and gain firsthand knowledge of just how truly special they are. 
The Mentor program is designed to let you tap into the knowledge and expertise of experienced Arabian enthusiasts. Through personal contact with a knowledgeable Arabian owner, you can learn more about the Arabian breed, expand your riding into new disciplines, become involved in local activities or learn about such areas as breeding, training and instruction. The Mentor Network is a great way to develop a successful, fulfilling relationship with the Arabian horse.

Having dual roles in the Arabian Industry directly through our breed organization , the Arabian Horse Association, with the Discovery Farm Program and the  Mentor Network is a distinction and honor Evergreen Farm holds in high regard. 

Rachel at horse showHorsemanship Lessons: 
Evergreen’s goal is to help each and every one of our students to become the best horseman he or she can be. We want our students to feel comfortable both in and out of the saddle. Our philosophy is, literally, for all our students to learn from the ground up. We will educate you or your child on everything relating to basic horsemanship; tacking up, proper appointments, care and maintenance of tack, parts of the horse, parts of the hoof, how to conduct yourself around horses, ailments relating to horses, grooming techniques, etc.  Our specialty is educating children and timid or beginner adults. We do NOT teach equitation lessons.  The safety of our students is paramount at Evergreen. Therefore, we have a few steadfast rules: Proper attire is required; i.e., long pants (jeans), heeled boots, and an approved riding helmet (we will provide one if you do not have your own). All instruction is done on a private, one-to-one basis.  Because each and every child is different and learns at a different rate, we offer instruction time at 1/2 hour as well as full hour intervals. Regardless of the age, we will work with our student to create a competent, confident, educated horseperson.  

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