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KKoi's Story

Photo of KKoi © Stark Image LLCIn the winter of 2002 Pam and Rick Dors began an adventure that marked the beginning of an incredible journey in horse ownership. With a little help from friends and a lot of help from God, they took in a horse that has forever changed their lives. KKoi is that horse and this is his story.

The beginning was an evening call from a stranger in Lexington, Kentucky – Quentin Naylor, the owner of Fairview Klassique. Through a mutual acquaintance, she had heard of the Dors’ dreams of starting a small, quality Arabian breeding program and wanted to give them a leg up, the opportunity of a lifetime and the horse of their dreams.

Deciding to take the risk, Pam and Rick bought a truck, borrowed a trailer, and headed to Kentucky. After a failed transmission and a breakdown in the middle of nowhere they finally reached Kentucky.

When they arrived at Quentin’s farm, they were overwhelmed by horses, but even then, there was one who stood out. He stood in the center of the field, looking at Pam as if he had known he was going home with her all along, like he had been waiting for her. He had the look of THE ONE and in the instant they met, an inseparable bond was formed – as it has been with others of the remarkable Arabian breed for centuries. So, they loaded KKoi and three other young stud colts into their trailer for the long ride back to Virginia.

As Pam and Rick sorted through the four young stud colts they brought back from Kentucky, it was evident that KKoi was the best of the bunch. His conformation, intelligence and willingness helped him stand out as he was trained for the halter and sport-horse-in-hand ring and then later started under saddle. In 2002 and 2003, KKoi traveled throughout Maryland and Virginia, achieving many first and second place rankings as a halter and sport horse stallion. Judge’s comments included accolades for his lovely head, “nice type”, and suitability for dressage.

KKoi JumpingIn his 2004 under saddle debut, KKoi achieved success in both the Arabian and Open worlds throughout the mid-Atlantic. Competed primarily in dressage, KKoi proved successful at Open shows, including a 2nd in a competitive Materiale class and 6th in Suitability to Become a Dressage Horse at the well-attended Morven Park Sport Horse Breed Show.

KKoi’s show career really began to take off in 2005. He was actively campaigned throughout Virginia and Maryland in dressage, as well as continuing to show in the halter and sport horse rings. Unfortunately, just after he began work over fences, KKoi suffered a potentially career-ending, or even life-ending, injury. Playing too hard with his gelding friends, KKoi kicked a wall and fractured his right rear coffin bone in two places.

Although the injury was frightening and potentially life-threatening, KKoi once again let his irrepressible and remarkable spirit shine through. Several vets and farriers expert in the field of coffin fracture rehabilitation were consulted in an effort to save KKoi and his foot, and each one remarked on his amazing ability to handle an admittedly difficult situation. Keeping a young, robust stallion quiet enough to heal a badly fractured coffin bone is a dubious proposition, but KKoi accepted his fate with his typical sangfroid – seeming to understand that it was in his best interest.

As of fall 2006, Evergreen Farm is proud to report that after several months of strict stall rest and several more months of limited turnout, KKoi is now sound enough for riding and show. He is once again out with his small “herd” of mares and weanlings, and has been very lightly started back under saddle. He made his horse show comeback at the Arabian Fall Classic in Lexington, Virginia in one Sport Horse In Hand class, that he handily won, and is expected to make a full recovery. 

In the fall of 2008 KKoi was back in full time training.  Spring 2009 came as did the new show season.  KKoi went to the Spring Classic and 3 years and 3 month to the day of his accident he was back in the ring doing Training Level Test 4.  He won his class!!  While it was a dreary rainy day, we were full of sunshine and promise.  He went on that year to a Top 3 at East Coast Championships and a trip around the rings at Sport Horse Nationals.  He is back on track and ready for whatever comes his way.

Photo of KKoi © Stark Image LLCPhoto of KKoi © Stark Image LLCPhoto of KKoi © Stark Image LLC

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