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Field Board

Horses runing in fieldField Board with Care - $340/month
Field board with care is complete care of your horse without a stall. Field board horses receive all the same care as our full board horses, just without the stall! Field boarders also have full rights to use all facilities. Please call for availability.

Feeding Program
Evergreen Farm is proud of its customized feeding program, which horses at all levels of care can enjoy. In order to accommodate all the different nutritional requirements of Evergreen’s diverse herd – encompassing everything from mares in foal to young stock to elderly horses - but not have 10 bins of different feeds, we developed a feed that, with slight changes to proportions, allows for all the horses to eat it but still maintain individualized protein, fat and mineral levels. This custom program has been tested and approved by nutritionists with Kentucky Equine Research and Pennfield Feeds, so you can rest assured that your horse will receive the appropriate mix of nutrients for their needs. All horses can also receive individualized supplements as necessary at no extra charge.

All horses also benefit from the high quality forage we provide at Evergreen. Carefully managed rotational grazing allows us to graze on high quality grass pasture for at least 7 months each year. Little or no supplemental hay is necessary during the spring, summer and early fall. From late fall through the winter, horses at Evergreen receive a high quality brome hay, alternated with high quality round bales of timothy and orchard grass. Alternating hay allows our horse to have regular access to important forage, while eliminating unsightly hay bellies that can come from constant grazing on low-quality round bales. The round bales are weed, fescue and, most importantly, mold-free and are fed from safe, custom-designed round bale feeders. The feeders have no holes or bars that could entrap a horse’s legs or head, but they keep the hay dry and off the ground while reducing waste. All hay is stored in a safe, dry hay storage building, or in the well ventilated hay loft. Evergreen’s hay is tested regularly to ensure that important nutrient requirements are met.

Proof of a negative Coggins test dated within 30 days is required before horses arrive on the farm. We also require that the horse be up-to-date on all recommended vaccines and/or boosters.

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