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Here at Evergreen, we have one goal in mind: Enjoying the horse... from the hoof up.

Welcome to Evergreen Farm LLC, where horses are an integral part of our lives. We are a small horse breeding operation that believes in quality not quantity. Our farm is suited for our Arabian breeding program along with a full service facility that is designed to board and maintain horses. Whether you are looking to become an owner of a beautiful Arabian horse, or looking for a riding facility or a boarding facility, you can call Evergreen Farm your home. We want your experience to be one that you enjoy and one that you will want to tell your friends about... after all, referrals are our highest compliment. We also have one of the most beautiful Virginia Arabian Stallions.

In 2000, Evergreen Farm was built from raw land for our love of horses. Ten years have gone by and we have gone from a single barn to a full service, year round riding horse facility. Our facility has a ten stall barn, indoor riding arena, heated tack and feed rooms and 30 acres of eco-friendly maintained land perfect for grazing and living the good life. We believe in a comfortable eco-friendly environment that frees our horses from anxieties and unproductive surroundings. We offer many services that encompass a full service facility.  If you are looking for a quality boarding facility with year-round riding, a place to show your horse, an outstanding breeding stallion, or your next equine partner, Evergreen Farm is the facility for you.

In July 2011 we added AIRFOOT footing to both the indoor and outdoor arenas. AIRFOOT is ground up athletic shoes, when this granular mixture is added to existing footing, it reduces concussion rates and adds cushion (or ”cush”) and spring to horses steps. It also prevents packing and traps moisture and dust. The top riders, in all disciplines, use this footing, and it is highly recommended.

“The rubber itself provides a degree of cushion, but the real value comes from Bridging which is the result of AIRFOOT particles creating millions of tiny air pockets in your footing. As your horse travels over these bridges, the air is forced out, and they gently collapse." – AIRFOOT  website

Being a horse breeder is not a business, it is a way of life. Here at Evergreen Farm, our Arabian breeding program was founded on quality breeding, eliminating genetic flaws and producing the best possible sport horses that can also serve as family members. All of our personal horses for sale are either purebred Arabians or half Arabians and are proven money or ribbon winners with a competitive spirit and a family tree of winners. We have a strict breeding regimen that only matches winners with winners to ensure that any Arabian horse that leaves our farm is sure not to disappoint.

Finding a place to board your horse can be an extremely difficult task. With being a member of your family and a significant investment, finding the right boarding facility is crucial. With our carefully thought out barn that compensates for cold nights and hot days and an indoor arena for year round riding and training, our facility has become one of the best in the NW corner of the State of Virginia. If you are looking for a place where your horse will be treated like family not property, call us today.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family business that believes in hands on attention and world class service.  No matter what stage of horse ownership you are in we have the experience and knowledge to be there for you. Please take a few moments and see our horses for sale and information on our facility. We look forward to hearing from you.

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So come and enjoy the horse… from the hoof up.

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