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everGREEN (Eco-Friendly)
horse in feildProtecting Our Natural Resource… And Your Horse

Evergreen Farm is routinely lauded as a model for good stewardship of natural resources.  While Evergreen’s earth-friendly practices protect our soil, air, and water quality, they also help keep the horses healthy. 

Rotational grazing techniques are used in conjunction with goats and regular bushogging for natural weed control.  The fields are harrowed after each rotation to break up the manure and allow it to dissipate into the ground as a natural fertilizer.  Before the fields are harrowed, free-range chickens help in breaking down manure.  These practices help to reduce the parasite level in the horses as well as reducing the need for chemical maintenance on the pastures.

Finally, Evergreen Farm is a participant in the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, which protects water quality by fencing off the farm’s stream and spring and planting beautiful native hardwood trees, creating a peaceful sanctuary for both people and wildlife.  In addition to creating a more inviting atmosphere, the planting of more than 300 trees provides shade for the wildlife, keeps the stream water cooler, thus reducing evaporation, and finally it will help offset our carbon footprint.  It is very important to us to maintain our farm as Eco-Friendly as possible.

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